Boisdale invited three different acts playing at this year’s Cornbury Festival for a whisky tasting in Belgravia. Plenty of whisky was consumed and in the end it felt easier to ask everyone the same questions! Colin Blunstone, lead singer of iconic 60s band The Zombies. Comedian Dane Baptiste who has his own sitcom on BBC3 and is currently appearing in the ITV2 series Elevenish. Ryan Lewis, bassist from Liverpool band The Hummingbirds, whose album Pieces of You is out now.

Colin Blunstone, The Zombies (CB) Chosen whisky: Balvenie 12 Single Cas

Colin Blunstone, The Zombies (CB) Chosen whisky: Balvenie 12 Single Cas

Do you like whisky?

(RL) I don’t really mind what I drink really, but I like bourbon, a Jack Daniels on the rocks.
(CB) I do like whisky – I’ve got a wonderful memory of recording a song called Say You don’t Mind, I drank the best part of a bottle before I sang it in Abbey Road, Studio 3.
(DB) I do, my historic experience has been with bourbon’s, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Makers Mark – they I graduated to Cognac.

What’s the first drink you would order?

(RL) What’s my Poison you mean – it’s a rum and coke, dark rum and coke.
(CB) Really I drink beer – you always know where you are with a beer.
(DB) Cognac, or the occasional Vodka.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing play at Cornbury this year?

(RL) I’d have to say the Zombies! (Editors Note… this was some sort of deal) Or Seal, that’s amazing, I’m looking forward to seeing him and trying to find some new bands.
(CB) I’m intrigued to see the Hummingbirds having just met Ryan. (DB) I’m looking forward to seeing Lemar.

What is the best party you went to last year?

(RL) I cant remember, it was that good.
(CB) I’m on the road for about 10 months of the year – we work the whole time!
(DB) A friend’s birthday – tables were danced upon, mothers regressed, people were embarrassed, memories were had and antics were filmed!

Ryan Lewis, The Hummingbirds (RL) Chosen whisky: Auchentoshan 3 Wood

Ryan Lewis, The Hummingbirds (RL) Chosen whisky: Auchentoshan 3 Wood

What’s the BIG project you are working on right now?

(RL) Promoting the album Pieces of You – it’s a really big thing for us, we are ve years old now and it’s a really proud thing to be releasing our first album.
(CB) A short solo tour that I do at least once a year. Then Belfast with the Zombies and then America, we go three times a year. We seem to have established a much larger fan-base there, than we have in the UK – we were part of the first wave of the British Invasion, just after the Beatles.
(DB) A sitcom I just finished called Sunny D, commissioned by the BBC last year, that I’m writing and performing in.

Do you Tweet?

(RL) Preferably not, no – I prefer to sit and speak to someone, rather than talk via a text or social media.
(CB) No, I’m a technophobe.
(DB) I do tweet, some would say not as much as I should… but I only think it’s important to say something when you have something to say, rather than just saying something!

What’s your favorite song?

(RL) God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. We always get this question, I used to change it every week, but recently I thought, no… I just like that one.
(CB) Fragile by Sting
(DB) Take it in Blood by NAS, which I think is one of the best examples of poetry in hip-hop.

Who inspired you?

(RL) The obvious answer is true, as a bassist from Liverpool, its Paul McCartney – but I’d like to also include Pino Palladino, I think he’s fantastic and also Motown’s bassist, James Jameson.
(DB) Initially it was George Carling, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Russ Abbot, Hale & Pace, French and Saunders…


Dane Baptiste, comedian (DB) Chosen whisky: Arran Machrie Moor 6th Edition

What are you currently listening too?

(RL) Paulo Nuntini… but I do listen to a lot of old music actually!
(CB) Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, London Grammer…
(DB) Rihanna

What is your greatest fear?

(RL) Falling
(CB) I don’t really have many – when I was younger I struggled with stage fright.
(DB) Failure – not succeeding through a lack of effort!

Dream dinner party guests?

(RL) McCartney is there, Lennon, I really want to meet George Harrison… the Beatles really!
(CB) Winston Churchill, Jesus, I’d like to get into what he was thinking… Marilyn Monroe for a bit of glamour (DB) Bruce Lee, George Carling, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson and my grandad

Cornbury Festival this year also includes: Bryan Ferry, All Saints, Seal, Jamie Cullum, Corinne Bailey Rae, Gabrielle Aplin, Soul II Soul, Turin Breaks and Booker T.