Ed Letter 2

Well what a tumultuous summer of surprises! I was actually even temporarily weaned off NetFlix. With all the plot twists, skulduggery and dastardly knife wielding it has had all the screen play attributes of a blockbuster box set, albeit not one that could possibly happen in real life. Move over House of Cards!

Incidentally on a completely different cinematic track I have often lamented, now that he is sadly so old, the fact that there is no one to take over Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti Western role on our screens. It never occurred to me that it could be a woman let alone a politician, but I really think Theresa May has serious potential for the part. Whenever I hear any one talk about Mrs May a mist appears in their eyes as they attempt to articulate their admiration. Hell even the bad guys (I mean the lefties!) seem to be in awe of her. What they all really want to say is that she is cool, very cool. I can imagine Theresa as a fearless, ice cold, taciturn, gunslinger in an urban Western scene whipping back a tweed frock coat to reach her pistols! Bottom line despite being a moderately disappointed “remainer” I am full of respect and hope for our new administration and so far so good!

Anyway fingers crossed on all of the above, because we are about to open a new restaurant in North Row off Park Lane. It will be called , surprisingly enough, Boisdale of Mayfair. We were hoping to be open earlier, but little did we know that our late Victorian premises, previously a rather grand stables, has been given the status of a Grade One listed building. I suppose there aren’t many left undeveloped now. Even the narrow staircase we wanted to rip out is a protected stone staircase of extraordinary rareness, as is the lantern roof we are now reinstating using all the original materials and traditional construction techniques. I am particularly pleased that we will be retaining all the wealth of interior details designed for the wellbeing and comfort of long gone teams of horses. Anyway we will open in October and there will be a lot going on.

First things first. There will be two bars. The Stable Bar presenting, in addition to our excellent wine list and wonderful range of whiskies, draft beers and craft ales and The Old Fashioned Bar which is dedicated to cocktails and in particular, as you might have already guessed, a definitive range of Old Fashioned cocktails. There will also be an upright “Joanna” (piano) in The Stable Bar producing live jazz and blues every night.

Now food. Unlike our other restaurants Boisdale of Mayfair will be open for a Great British breakfast every day. For lunch and dinner we will offer our renowned A La Carte selection of dry aged Aberdeenshire steaks, Hebridean shellfish, stunning oysters, award winning burgers, Scottish game and fabulously fresh fish, with two course set menus starting at £11.90.

Throughout the week we are also introducing an all-day counter and bar dining menu including British tapas, charcuterie, and shellfish as well as London’s greatest selection of farm house cheeses. I have to say this is right up my street. I adore having everything on the table. An evolutionary contest culminating in the survival of the quickest, which is fine by me! For the week end we are launching, as I believe it is known, a two course “bottomless” Prosecco Brunch for £24.50 and a three course Sunday Roast lunch including wine at £37.50.

If you would like to be a part of the task force who will initiate Boisdale of Mayfair armed with a 50% discount voucher over the first two weeks please email reservations@boisdale-mayfair.co.uk. I am afraid as always there is limited availability for this offer. So to avoid disappointment I would recommend being prepared to pay 100%! 




Ranald Macdonald
Editor-in-Chief Boisdale Life Magazine Founder Boisdale Restaurants & Bars