Sandy Madhvani is the long serving ambassador of Canary Wharf watch retailer David M Robinson and erstwhile frequenter of the Boisdale humidor

Sandy Madhvani in the Whisky Bar, Boisdale of Canary Wharf

Which watch brand is really innovating right now?
Rolex and Patek Philippe are leading the pack when it comes to innovation in my opinion, as they both have stunning models launched this year that take my breath away. The combination of different shapes and colours is mind blowing, don’t start me on the complications in the movements, we will be here all day.

How long have you been in your role?
It’s coming up to 37 years now, from apprentice watchmaker as a young school leaver aged 16, to this role at the very top end of jewellery and watches.

Describe your day-to-day job?
Managing the showroom in Jubilee Place with my team of experts who share the same passion for luxury and having been here over 10 years, it’s an honour to look after our loyal clients.

Do you travel much for work?
My role sees me visit Switzerland two or three times a year to support the buying team at DMR, as well as various events up and down the country with our jewellery collections being showcased in stunning settings. It’s a lot of fun.

Where was your last holiday?
In January I visited our family home in India. I also enjoyed a holiday with my loved ones in Marrakesh and had a fantastic time with the lads in Singapore for the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Have you always loved watches?
My family are watchmakers, so I naturally fell in love with the trade. I remember fitting spring bars to watches from the age of seven for corporate orders. We have come a long way and I love watches more than ever.

Is wearable-tech going to change watch purchasing?
We have had that time in the 1980’s with the digital creation of the LCD and LED watch models. That was an exciting time in horology and I feel the tech age will be an add-on purchases. True workmanship, love and passion will always lead the way for the connoisseur of fine watchmaking.

The watch do you dream of owning?
Please allow me to choose two of my dream watches. The first is a classic Rolex Submariner made in the year 1965 the year I was born and as I already have a classic Patek Philippe (which belongs to my son Sami really) I would love a perpetual 5140P, simply for its elegance. It’s too clever.

How many watches do you own?
You can never own enough and the collection is still growing. My daily wear is a Patek Philippe Calatrava

What’s been your most extravagant purchase to date?
My passion for fine jewellery and watches extended to hand built cars and at the age of 48 I took my son to purchase our DB9, which was a childhood dream come true!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner – where do you enjoy eating?
Canary wharf is a labyrinth of stunning bars and restaurants; you can often find me around Boisdale, Roka, Plateau and the Parlour to name a few.

Do you have a preferred drink?
A cold beer after a long day is always welcomed!

Will you be drawn on a favourite watch brand?
I honestly respect all Swiss brands, as they have their own strengths and market. We have a secret language. Some watches show personality and some show status. Each timepiece is special to the wearer for different reasons and I am very happy to be involved in guidance for the next family heirloom.

What’s the big watch trend for 2018?
Rolex have totally hit the high notes with their Deepsea and the Patek Philippe 42mm white gold Aquanaut is truly a work of art.

What advice would you give a young Sandy?
Don’t take any day for granted. We are in a field of luxury that allows us to share life-changing moments with our clients and friends. The number of weddings, birthdays and special engagement’s we are warmly invited to be part of is totally heart-warming.

If you weren’t doing this, what would the job be?
Something based around fast cars and holidays!

If you would like to talk watches with Sandy, he can found at David M Robinson – 4 Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf – 0207 538 2332 –